It's all about your financial well-being

Are you tired of losing money and experiencing payment default?
We persistently recover your debt claims - in Austria and internationally.

The WID Wirtschaftsdienst Inkasso GmbH is the oldest family-owned debt collection agency in Austria.

In 1950 Heide Liegl establishes the "Kärntner Wirtschaftsdienst/Kärntner Kreditschutz Organisation" in Klagenfurt; in 1961 she founds the "Wirtschaftsdienst" in Linz. Heide Liegl is the first woman in Austria ever to launch a debt collection agency.
From 1991 to 2004 Dr. Helmut Liegl leads the family business.
In 2006 both sole proprietorships are merged and changed into a LLC.
From 2014 to June 2020 WID is led by an external manager.
Since July 2020 our family-business is run by the third generation.

Collecting with a lot of staying power - since 1950

WID offers debt colletion and credit reporting in Austria and abroad.
If necessary, we involve one of our partners from the  TCM Global Debt Collection  network - for questions or demands, WID remains your one-stop shop.

We take on B2B and B2C business.

When placing the order, please provide all the documents available to you, such as delivery note, invoice, last reminder and - if already available - a court ruling.

New claims are first processed out of court. Ideally, you assign us with your claims not later than 6 months from the due date.
Nevertheless, we generally accept all types of legitimate claims. In case the debtor is simply unwilling to pay the debt, it might be appropriate to take legal action - in such cases we will inform you about the legal option and the costs you would have to expect and will ask for your decision.

We co-operate with several law firms who can work for you throughout Austria (filing of lawsuits / executions, filing claims in insolvency proceedings). Being a member of TCM, we can also offer to you a bunch of extrajudicial and judicial debt collection possibilities abroad.

Of course, we are able to serve private persons as well - if there is clear evidence (e.g. signed payment agreement, promissory note) that the debt is overdue.

Like every collection agency in Austria, we are legally not entitled to work on disputed claims.
As soon as we receive an assignement and as long as it is being processed by us, we are processing it exclusively.

Sole court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from assignments by private or business clients is Klagenfurt.

By the way:
Our clients are neither pushed to establish any kind of membership nor to sign an exclusive contract with WID. 

Optimize your receivables management

Do you want to handle your receivables management 100% all by yourself?
By offering individual coaching and inhouse-trainings, we can help you to optimize your dunning process and to find the most suitable form of collection.

Financial Coaching

For many people, dealing with money is challenging.
If you unexpectedly lose part of your income, this loss can lead to considerable financial problems.
During a private or group coaching process, you will get familiar with the principles of successful business and receive hints on how to escape the debt trap - instead of becoming debt-ridden or even insolvent.

Home&Budgeting Coaching

Do you or your loved ones finally want to clear an overfull household? Do you aim at having less things and increasing structure?
We would be happy to provide you with the necessary tools through an individual or group coaching.
If necessary, we develop an individual concept on site and accompany you through the entire clean-up process.
Foremost, achieving more (personal) latitude is the aim. In the best case scenario, sorting things out thoroughly will create a monetary benefit.