WID Debt Collection Agency and Credit Agency

WID Wirtschafsdienst Inkasso GmbH

Since 2013 WID Wirtschafsdienst Inkasso GmbH (briefly: WID) as debt collection agency is member of ACA International (The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, based in the United States of America). Since 2002 WID is member of TCM Global Debt Collection (TCM Group International Ltd. founded in the United Kingdom, in 2013 administrative head office in Iceland) and since 1950 WID is in service of economy (original name: KWD-KKO and Wirtschaftsdienst H.Liegl&Co.)

WID is forwarding office or receiving office and is closely working together with other debt collection agencies worldwide, but also with international lawyers. If company debtor or private debtor is within Austria it is requested to forward to WID at least an old postal address of debtor, even if moved an old point of contact is needed.

Our philosophy is: WID is independent and has staying power

WID is a credit rating agency and debt collection agency as well. In Austria WID is one of the oldest and well known debt collection agencies. In 2013 WID makes a "face-lifting" as it turned out that for many clients also a modern technical approach is needed, the same is also for colleagues and attorneys worldwide. This means for WID to refresh and modernize the whole public relation work. Of course WID will continue to work for each file hard for clients,colleagues and attorneys. WID as credit rating agency is concentrating on a small part of this business, the main business remains the debt collection work, most times out of court but also with help of lawyers legal.

It is crucial when an international creditor (exporter,supplier) makes business with Austria (the same is also valid for Germany and big parts of Switzerland) that the Austrian debtor (importer,byer) receives invoices/statements in at least two languages (eg. in US-english plus important parts of invoices/statements additionally also in German language). Austria has as official language German, the Austrian dialect is part of the German language, the same is also valid for big parts of Switzerland. 

Today in time of virtual internet translaters it should not be a problem to consider important parts of invoices/statements also in German language, before the invoice/statement is sent out to debtor. It will make everything easier for international Creditors when making business with Austria and makes easier also our work! 

If you are interested working together with WID or you want to offer your services to WID, please feel free to use our contact-form - yes please contact us!