WID Debt Collection Agency and Credit Agency

Office Klagenfurt

In 1952 our subsidiary in Klagenfurt was founded as independent company called Kärntner Wirtschaftsdienst Kärntner Kreditschutz Organisation H.Liegl & Co (KWD-KKO). In 1980 Mrs. Heide Liegl became the sole owner of the two companies, which were, however, continue to operate independently. In 1991 Dr. Helmut Liegl (son of Mrs. Heide Liegl) took over the two companies and managed these also as independent enterprises.

After the death of Mr. Dr. Helmut Liegl in 2006 both companies were merged into the WID Wirtschaftsdienst Inkasso GmbH. Sole shareholder is Ms. Eva Maria Liegl, managing director is Mr. Andreas Trattner.

Management Office Klagenfurt

Mr. Andreas Trattner


Mrs. Susanne Ronach

Bahnhofstraße 38c
9020 Klagenfurt


Accounts department
Mrs. Gabriele Kremser
Mrs. Sonja Kravanja

Credit agency
Mrs. Gabriele Kremser
Mrs. Sonja Kravanja

Processing foreign country, Insolvency
Mrs. Ulrike Kogler
Mrs. Veronika Hanusch. BSc

case handler
Frau Ulrike Wigoutschnig
Frau Iris Derhaschnig
Frau Martina Mulatz
Frau Andrea Primig